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Final Thoughts

The Youde IGO-W3 is the first RDA of its class. With a revolutionary 5 post system, it allows for easy builds of dual and quad coils. Great air flow on the device as well as the top cap has adjustable air flow ability. You can fully open up for quad coils or flip it for dual coils. Great RDA for your daily vapes.

Overall Score 4.5 QUAD COILS!!!

The IGO W3 is in a class of its own for coil builders, you can get one for $16 by visiting our link.

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Youde IGO-W3 RDA

The IGO W3 is a revolutionary device. It is the first of its class to design an RDA with 5 posts which make quad coil building easier than ever. I got this device as a sample directly from Youde, as well as the UDT-V10 and I must say I have not taken this off my mod yet. This RDA has really impressed me. It is no Trident or Atomic, but for what it is and the price, this IGO W3 rocks.

It has a stainless steel cap that does not need to be drilled out for air flow. It also has some what off an adjustable air flow feature. When the top cap is in quad coil mode, you can place it directly over the base and have completely open ventilation on each post. If you twist the cap or place the cap and minimize these air holes, that how you can adjust the hit. It also comes with a dual coil air hole mode which is great in case you don’t want to quad coil it all day long and save some juice, or if you are just messing around with some builds.

Building on the IGO W3 is pretty easy as well. The Trident by Grand Vapor is still the easiest to me as you can simply remove the top screws and lay the coils directly into the posts, but overall the build is easy. You definitely have to be aware of how you are threading your coils especially once you start trimming the excess, but other than that super simple and the cneter post has 4 holes as well so you can thread 4 lines through with ease.

I’m sure within the next few weeks there will be some high end manufacturers that will be launching there own 5 post RDA’s. but until then this one is part of my daily vape collection. Highly recommended.

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